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Proper Way To Install & Maintain Your Coils

The proper way to install coils:

We have found that you can run a set of our coils for 6 months without noticing a drop in quality or flavor.  Here’s how we recommend you dry burn your coils for best results.

Install you coils as you would normally do.  Once installed disassemble your rda and clean your device.  We suggest using a hydro sonic cleaner but a tooth brush and dish soap will suffice.  Make sure you give the coils themselves a good scrub.  Rinse your equipment thoroughly.  The most important part is to not touch the coils once you have cleaned them.  The oil on your fingers will burn when you dry heat the coils and will contribute to poor flavor and the erosions of the wire. 

Make sure your equipment is well rinsed and reassembled correctly (I go as far as removing the positive post from the rda and cleaning the entire unit prior to installing the coils.  Remember to be safe and to inspect your equipment prior to any new install, check for dark spots on the insulator between the posts and make sure everything is properly assembled to avoid shorting your rda.)  We are ready to start pulsing.  Start at a low wattage, 15-20 watts.  You want to gently pulse your coils in sporadic bursts 1-2 seconds apart.  Gently introduce heat to the metal.  Depending on the composition of your metal, you will start seeing a golden hue across the center of the coil.  That’s a good sign that it’s working.  Do this about 15 times.  Let your coils come back to room temperature.  I usually do this twice.  I use my drill bit/screw driver to wiggle around the coil to work out hot spots. 

Let’s up the wattage to 30 watts.  At this point your coil should be a golden color.  Start pulsing slowly in the same rhythm as noted above.  Lightly pulse 15 times.  As soon as you see your inner wire turning red, let the coils cool.  I repeat this step 3 times and I still use the coil jig to wiggle the coil and work out possible hot spots.  Remember to let your coils cool completely before pulsing them again.  You should start seeing some red / and some light browns on your wire.  You should not be glowing them red at all yet.  But you will see hot spots glow red before the rest of the coil.  Use the jig to wiggle them out, do not pinch or strum them yet.  You’re almost there, you don’t want to damage the outer wrapping wire.
The next step is the final step and if you want to color your coils you only have one chance to do it right.  Put the wattage up to 90 watts.  Hit that fire button and make the coil glow red hot.  As soon as it turns red pinch it with your ceramic pliers lightly as it cools to room temperature.  You should see the full spectrum of colors at this point.  Some metals react differently to heat, stainless steel will really show case colors better than most alloys.  Kanthal will not display yellows and golds or purples but you can get very nice blue colors from Kanthal.  Nichrome is a good wire to color as it is easy to do and can resist heat a little better than stainless. 

Once the coil has been pulsed red, the colors will dissipate as you continue to apply heat.  So take your pics for Instagram before going any further.  Now you can work out the hot spots.  Pulse your coil back red and strum any hot spot your see appear.  If you did your heat and temper correctly, your coil should be perfect.  

Take care of your coils every time you change your cotton.  Dry burn them, return them to room temperature and give them a quick wash with dish soap and a brush.  When you change your cotton, try not to touch the cotton that will be in contact with the coils.  The oils on your fingers can still cause issues.



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