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New Flavors, Contest, Black Friday And An Online Review

Holiday Flavors 2018

Three new holiday inspired flavors for your consideration.  Available in 60ml 3mg and 6mg/ml strengths.  These e-juices will be available until the beginning of 2019 or until quantities last. 

Egg Nog is a delicious, creamy egg nog flavored vape with a splash of rum.  Available now. 

White Chocolate Peppermint is a smooth white chocolate with a light peppermint. Available now.  

Shortbread Cookie will be available the week of November 25, 2018.

New Flavors 

In addition to Shortbread Cookie, we will be adding 3 new flavors the week of November 25, 2018.  We will be adding a Vanilla Custard to our Singles Collection.  To the Hard Rock Collection we will be adding a Creamy Mint and a Creamy Caramel.  All three new flavors will be available in 30,60 and 120ml sizes in 0,3 and 6mg strength. 

Contest - Name That Flavor

Time to tap into your creativity and help us pick a name for the upcoming Vanilla Custard e-juice.  We are looking for a name that says vanilla custard in with a music theme.  The contest will be posted on Record Vapes Facebook Page with all the details.  Winner will receive 2 120ml bottles of their choice.  Please enter the contest on the Facebook page.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday

We will be having a sale starting November 23, 2018 to end of November 26, 2018.   There will be a discount offered on all products up to 40% off and some special buy 1 get one free offers.  These deals will change each day but you can expect to save from 30% to 50% off your purchases depending on quantities and the sale at that time.   

Online Review

Here is a link to one of our great customers and a YouTube video he made featuring Record Vapes.  We support of customers and their endeavors in social media and wish Jeremiah all the best in his endeavors.  Please take a moment and watch his video and encourage him to make more.   Jeremiahs E-Juice Review


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