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QP Design Fatality M25 RTA - Why I Love This RTA !

As a self proclaimed "Flavor Chaser" and predominant RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) user, this is my new favorite RTA.  This RTA has something so unique, so special that allows the user to adjust and fine tune their vape experience beyond what I have used to date.

As long as I have been designing e-juice, I know that taste is subjective.  With so many different setups, what you vape with and how you vape greatly affect the flavor and clouds.  At Record Vapes, we test our e-juice on various setups to ensure maximum flavor across a broad range of gear.  I have always preached to people that one device does not fit all e-juices.

E-juice is made from a mix of flavorings.  Our Lemony Snicket  is a sweet lemon tart and has 12 flavorings as an example.  Each flavoring has a range of temperatures when that flavor is at it's best, shines or pops.  Acidity, amount of nicotine, ratio of VG to PG are also important factors that affect flavor.  E-juice can taste drastically different based on what device you use to vape.

I am a strong believer that small adjustments in how you vape will greatly affect the flavor.  Changing the power up will generally warm up the vape, this tends to bring out more bakery and dairy notes.  Reducing power and hence cooling the vape tends to bring out more sweetness and fruits.  Restricting the airflow increases overall flavor by increasing the pressure in the chamber which in turn leads to thicker clouds.  A more open airflow will produce more clouds but are thinner and less flavorful.


The first thing you will notice is the two adjustable airflow control rings on the bottom,  Inside the chamber, there are two ports for the air to come in, one on the bottom directing the air from the middle and bottom of the deck straight up.  The second airflow leads to a port between the posts that is slightly angled and higher up.  You effectively have both side air flow and bottom and airflow that you can adjust to your liking.  

This is important because flavor is affected by the quantity and direction of the air.  Bottom air flow is the norm in most RTA's.  I have a Blitzen RTA by Geekvape that is pure side flow air and some e-juices such as our Mille Feuille have a more delightful and pronounced bakery element.

This adjustable dual airflow is the uniqueness that makes this new RTA so special.  With the ability to really fine tune your vape experience one can get a flavor / cloud combination that is more suitable to the individual and really maximize your vape experience.

This is a game changer !

Scott Proudfoot
Owner / Record Vapes


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