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Name That E-juice Contest

Name That E-Juice

Soon, we will be launching a new flavor and looking for a name that fits the Record Vapes theme.  The new flavor is an apple juice flavor.  It consists of a blend of 5 different apple flavors, both red and green for a juicy, not too sweet, not too tart authentic apple juice flavor. 

Comment below with your ideas.  The person who submits a name suggestion that best fits the musical theme of Record Vapes will receive a free 120ml bottle.

Contest ends September 9, 2019.

Good Luck


  1. Appy Road
    Twisted Orchard
    Adam & Eve
    Forbidden Fruit
    Fall Harvest
    Harvest Orchard
    Twisted Harvest

  2. Apple Annie, Apple Blast , Trinity Apple.

    1. no problem Scott, actually you beat me to the punch, next payday i was going to order a custom vape juice and that one was going to have red and green apple with a touch of menthol, and i was going to call it Apple Blast, lol

    2. I like the touch of menthol idea, I do need a couple more light menthol's in my lineup ! Thanks

  3. Adam and Eve Extreme
    Apples of my eye
    Pomme loca
    Five apples
    Simply apples

  4. Cinco Manzanas (Spanish for Five Apples)
    The õun (õun is Estonian for Apple)
    Twisted Apple

    1. All these are great ! Thanks. Appocalypse is sticky out to me !

  5. We ended up coming up with Apple Road, which was inspired by Anthony's Appy Road. Congratulations yo Anthony !!! Bottle coming your way !

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