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Now Accepting Credit Cards

We have finally secured a payment provider for credit cards.  This has been a 3 month ordeal with many hours of frustration and back and forth between PayPal and our website provider.  I have personally talked to more than 10 people between the two companies and sent many an email. As it turns out, Paypal Express is just PayPal account to Paypal account payment option.  Despite looking like it accepted credit cards and being told otherwise when we first set it up, people without a PayPal account were unable to use the credit card gateway offered.  Despite talking to PayPal, it was Shopify who pointed this out earlier this week. We applied to several companies as our credit card provider.  E-juice is lumped into a high risk category as it is considered a tobacco product ( still ) to these companies.  Finally, through the help of Intuit Canada, we are now able to offer credit card processing to our customers. My apologies to all that were affected.  I cringed every time I saw an or

New Flavors, Contest, Black Friday And An Online Review

Holiday Flavors 2018 Three new holiday inspired flavors for your consideration.  Available in 60ml 3mg and 6mg/ml strengths.  These e-juices will be available until the beginning of 2019 or until quantities last.  Egg Nog  is a delicious, creamy egg nog flavored vape with a splash of rum.  Available now.  White Chocolate Peppermint  is a smooth white chocolate with a light peppermint. Available now.   Shortbread Cookie will be available the week of November 25, 2018. New Flavors  I n addition to Shortbread Cookie, we will be adding 3 new flavors the week of November 25, 2018.  We will be adding a Vanilla Custard to our  Singles Collection .  To the  Hard Rock Collection  we will be adding a Creamy Mint and a Creamy Caramel.  All three new flavors will be available in 30,60 and 120ml sizes in 0,3 and 6mg strength.  Contest - Name That Flavor Time to tap into your creativity and help us pick a name for the upcomin

New Tobacco Flavors Available

We are proud to announce 5 new tobacco flavors at Record Vapes.  These 5 flavors have been curated with careful care and consideration to satisfy those Vapors who like their tobacco flavorings.  These e-juices are available for $20 with tax included for a 60ml bottle in 3,6 or 12mg per ml strength.  The VG/PG ratio is 60/40 as these are designed for low wattage vaping.  I hope you enjoy ! Van Seger (pronounced van see gar) is a  delicious blend of vanilla and cigar flavors producing clouds of delight.   Back in Black is a  classic pipe tobacco blend, flavored with an edge of oak-aged Kentucky sippin’  whiskey. Delicious on the inhale, rich and smoky on the exhale   Sweet Virginia is a t oasty flue-cured tobacco, slightly sweet on the inhale, dry and peppery on the exhale. A clean and uncluttered taste for those who like their tobaccos simple, honest and straight-forward. Bobcaygeon is c lear, strong and multi-layered. A true Canadian cigarette experience. Pl

Sample Pack Now Available !

Record Vapes presents 10 bottles of 30ml for $70.  Customers who place 10 or more 30ml in their cart ( at $10 per ) may apply the coupon SampleMe10 at Checkout.  By doing so, $30 will be deducted from the total.  Please note, only one coupon is allowed at checkout.  If you were not aware, first time Record Vapes customers are offered a one-time coupon code Vapedeal25 for 25% off their order.  Returning customers are offered 10% off with coupon code Vapedeal10. Record Vapes currently offers free shipping within Canada ( or local delivery within London, ON ) for orders $50 and over.  All taxes (13%HST) are included in our prices so the 10 x 30ml bottle includes free shipping within Canada and all taxes.  US customers are required to pay for shipping.   This offer excludes custom orders and nic salts.  Customers may choose any qualifying flavor ( over 25 currently) from 0-12 mg/ml.  Mg per ml over 12 are considered special orders and therefore do not qualify.

Thanks Giveaway

Proper Way To Install & Maintain Your Coils

The proper way to install coils: We have found that you can run a set of our coils for 6 months without noticing a drop in quality or flavor.   Here’s how we recommend you dry burn your coils for best results. Install you coils as you would normally do.   Once installed disassemble your rda and clean your device.   We suggest using a hydro sonic cleaner but a tooth brush and dish soap will suffice.   Make sure you give the coils themselves a good scrub.   Rinse your equipment thoroughly.   The most important part is to not touch the coils once you have cleaned them.   The oil on your fingers will burn when you dry heat the coils and will contribute to poor flavor and the erosions of the wire.   Make sure your equipment is well rinsed and reassembled correctly (I go as far as removing the positive post from the rda and cleaning the entire unit prior to installing the coils.   Remember to be safe and to inspect your equipment prior to any new install, check for dark spots o

Vape Photoshoot

This past Sunday, Candace and I headed out to an abandoned house with some vape gear, a wedding dress and a mask.  Here are some photos from that shoot.  For those interested, gear used was Nikon D750, Sigma 24-105 F4, Alien Bees B1600 and a 30" Beauty Dish.

Product Available At Bizzy Vapes

I am very pleased to announce that Bizzy Vapes will be carrying Record Vapes products.  I have supplied them with ample amounts of 0,1.5,3 and 6 mg/ml strength of 5 of my top selling flavors plus the new Cherry Lee Lewis.  Kim, the owner, will be selling these at $15 plus tax per bottle.  This falls in line with my recent price increase from $15 to $17 ( including taxes ) at .  Record Vapes continues to grow in a methodical and deliberate pace.  Bizzy Vapes is a natural partner with close proximity and a good steady clientele. Record Vapes will be the only 1.5mg/ml e juice available at Bizzy Vapes.  The pricing will also be their least expensive 60ml bottle as of this day. Stop in and say "hi" to Kim, Rick or Bradley.  They are located at 770 Southdale Rd. E in London, Ontario.  Feel free to sample the Record Vapes ejuices ( thank you Doug Ford ).   They will only be too happy to service you e-juice and vape gear needs. Scott Proudfoot Owner, Recor

Cherry Lee Lewis

Introducing Cherry Lee Lewis, an authentic black cherry jelly bean e-juice.  This e-juice gives you the taste of sweet black cherries and that hard candy shell.  Try is at  Record Vape  ! Available in 0-9mg, 30ml, 60ml and 120ml sizes.

Packing Your Shipment

   We take great care to make sure your order is both accurate and arrives safe.  Orders less than 7 bottles typically go in soft packaging.  Orders are triple checked to ensure the customer receives exactly what they ordered. Every bottle is bagged in case of leakage.  Every bottle is then wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside a padded envelope.  That envelope is sealed an the shipping label is created and secured on. We are proud of our current 100% order accuracy and 0 damages rating !

Custom E-juice Orders

   It has been just over a week since we rolled out "Custom E-juice".  The new program was rolled out as a response to requests for custom flavoring.  By selecting   "Custom Ejuice ", anyone can create their own flavor combination.  I am very happy with the response ! People have put their trust in my e-juice crafting experience to create something uniquely their own.    Customers can select size of bottle, nic strength, VG/PG Ratio and overall sweetness.  Customers also give this creation a name.  The main part of the program allows people to choose up to 3 flavor profiles and their strength in relation to each other. This is the fun part !    The e-juice is made within 24 hours of receiving the order. The ejuice must sit 24 hours prior to bottling to allow any perfumes or alcohols to evaporate ( present in some of the ingredients).   Once the bottle is filled, capped and labelled a sticker reminding you to "Shake Well" is applied.  It is suggested yo

Now Shipping To The United States

Name The E-juice - Contest Closed

Name That E-Juice Contest ! On August 24th we will be rolling out a new flavor.  This one tastes exactly like a heaping handful black cherry jelly beans.  You can taste the hard shell and sweet juicy cherries inside.  It is an authentic cherry with no off-tastes.  We are SUPER excited for this new flavor.            Want To Win a Free 120ml Bottle ? Just leave a comment below with your name suggestion(s).  Avoid any names that suggest it is candy, confectionery item or may be copyrighted somewhere else.  "Jelly Bean" may not be in the title yet the name of the juice must describe it's flavor.  Tough ? Yes.  Good luck !  The winner of this contest will be notified by August, 24th, 2018 and will receive a 120ml bottle.