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Proper Way To Install & Maintain Your Coils

The proper way to install coils: We have found that you can run a set of our coils for 6 months without noticing a drop in quality or flavor.   Here’s how we recommend you dry burn your coils for best results. Install you coils as you would normally do.   Once installed disassemble your rda and clean your device.   We suggest using a hydro sonic cleaner but a tooth brush and dish soap will suffice.   Make sure you give the coils themselves a good scrub.   Rinse your equipment thoroughly.   The most important part is to not touch the coils once you have cleaned them.   The oil on your fingers will burn when you dry heat the coils and will contribute to poor flavor and the erosions of the wire.   Make sure your equipment is well rinsed and reassembled correctly (I go as far as removing the positive post from the rda and cleaning the entire unit prior to installing the coils.   Remember to be safe and to inspect your equipment prior to any new install, check for dark spots o