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No Added Sweetener ? Bullshit Claims

   Recently I have been annoyed by a trend of e-juice makers posting "no extra sweetener added to our e-juice".  Why does this bother me ?  Why does Record Vapes add some level of sweetener to most of it's e-juices ?  Why is this claim of no extra sweeteners bullshit and actually worse for the consumer ?

   In the simplest answer, ALL e-juice has a level of sweetness.  You can't avoid it, Vegetable Glycerin is naturally sweet.  The question is how sweet is the e-juice and where does the sweetness come from ?

   What you need to know is that some of the ingredients used to flavor your e-juice comes with sweetener already added.  Unfortunately, some of the ingredient manufacturers use fructose and glucose to sweeten their e-juice.  Why ?  Some of the older ingredient manufacturers that are used by e-juice makers are in fact making flavors for food and beverage companies.

   Fructose and Glucose are undesirable when used in vaping for two reasons.  First, they have lower flash points so the sugars caramelize at lower temperatures leaving carbon deposits on your coils.  This is most commonly referred to as "Coil Gunkers".  This leads to a number of issues including premature coil aging and vapor's tongue.  The second issue is that glucose and fructose are absorbed by your lungs so people concerned about their sugar intake ( admittedly in very small amounts ) should avoid these.

   The most popular sweetener used by e-juice manufacturers is a solution of 20% Sucralose (derived from chlorinated Sucrose) suspended in PG or VG.  Sucralose is like pouring sugar on your cereal. Sucrolose is extremely sweet however, it  caramelizes at a higher temperature than glucose and fructose but still within the range of most normal vape setups.  Sucrolose also exists in a lot of ingredients that are pre-sweetened.  Sucralose is used frequently in commercial e-juices because consumers typically crave the sweetness or "sugar lips" you get from it.

   There are many sweeteners available to manufacturers who wish to avoid pre-sweetened ingredients and opt for more coil friendly options.  At Record Vapes, we avoid pre-sweetened ingredients with glucose, fructose and Sucralose and opt for a blend of Sucralose (very small amount), Stevia (small amount), Erythitol, Ethyl Maltol and Citric Acid.  This might sound intimidating, but it equates to less sweetness overall and longer lasting cotton and coils.

   It should be noted that there is ongoing debates and research about the effects of vaping sugars and sweeteners.  To date, there is no conclusion or definitive results. I am not a scientist but I can not help but think that avoiding "gunked" coils with carbon deposits is possibly less harmful.

   In conclusion, these are the reasons why, when I read "no extra sweeteners added" I get upset.  If makers of e-juice are using pre-sweetened ingredients containing glucose, fructose and a high level of sucralose, they are not doing the consumer justice.  Advertising this way sends the wrong message, it sounds good but in reality you are better off obtaining e-juice with a controlled method of sweetening, such as us, Record Vapes.


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