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Record Vapes Affiliate Program

Feb 9, 2020

   We are pleased to announce our brand new Affiliate Program effective today.  This new program is a wonderful opportunity for our customers to earn real money by sharing our brand over their social networks, websites or any other means of getting the "word out".

  As an Affiliate, you will  have full access to a robust program that will give you access to media assets and  customizable links for various platforms. Your program will allow you to track sales and your commission payouts.  Currently, you will receive 10% of the order subtotal ( after discounts, prior to taxes and excluding any upgraded shipping ) and your personal affiliate link will give your customers an automatic 5% discount.

   The program is designed for new customer generation.  Referal codes given by you ( the Affiliate ) will only be valid to new customers.  All Record Vapes products are included with no minimum sales required.

   Possible sharing includes your website, Facebook ( Vape Groups ), Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, local classified ads ( Kijiji !).  Available for Canadian sales only.

Sign Up Today !


Record Vapes is owned by 2631723 Ont Corp.  Payments are not considered income and it is the responsibility of the Affiliate to properly report any income.  Record Vapes will delete affiliate accounts that are deemed to be abusive to the intent of social sharing.


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Shipping / Local Deliveries / Taxes FAQ


We offer free shipping on orders at $55.  That means $55 before taxes and after and discounts or coupon codes.  Orders received by 1pm EST on any business day are shipped out that day.  Orders received after 1pm may ship out that day but are more than likely to ship out the following business day, why ?

We shop for the best price / speed combination from 4 different carriers, Canada Post, Purolator, UPS and Fedex.   There are vast differences among these carriers in terms of price and speed. For us, we have to take our packages to the Post Office so we have up to 4:30pm if that is the best option.  If we find a better price / speed option from the other 3 carriers we have a cutoff time of 1pm for pickup that day.

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