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How To DIY E-juice With Record Vapes and Save Money

How To DIY E-juice With Record Vapes and Save Money    Record Vapes now offers its most popular flavors in One-Shots.One-Shots are the flavoring component of a completed e-juice bottle.The other components are Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG) and Nicotine (NIC) which in our case, is suspended in VG.All these ingredients, including empty bottles are available at Record Vapes for purchase online.    Outside of the ingredients and bottles, you will need either syringes for measuring if you wish to choose to mix the 4 components by volume, or a scale capable of 0.00 mg which are readily available at places like Amazon for $10-$20.Mixing by weight is more accurate and the “Suggested USE” listed on our One-Shots are by volume.A dark and cool cabinet is needed for proper DIY’ing as well as nitrile gloves to protect yourself from the NIC.    Please note, these are guidelines and not a complete guide to mixing your own e-juice.There are risks and in no way will Record Vapes be r…