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How To DIY E-juice With Record Vapes and Save Money

How To DIY E-juice With Record Vapes and Save Money
   Record Vapes now offers its most popular flavors in One-Shots.  One-Shots are the flavoring component of a completed e-juice bottle.  The other components are Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG) and Nicotine (NIC) which in our case, is suspended in VG.  All these ingredients, including empty bottles are available at Record Vapes for purchase online. 
   Outside of the ingredients and bottles, you will need either syringes for measuring if you wish to choose to mix the 4 components by volume, or a scale capable of 0.00 mg which are readily available at places like Amazon for $10-$20.  Mixing by weight is more accurate and the “Suggested USE” listed on our One-Shots are by volume.   A dark and cool cabinet is needed for proper DIY’ing as well as nitrile gloves to protect yourself from the NIC.
   Please note, these are guidelines and not a complete guide to mixing your own e-juice.  There are risks and in no way will Record Vapes be responsible for any injury or damage that my occur. 

Example – Making 1000ml of Peach Rings, 3mg 70/30 VG/PG by volume:

STEP 1:  Decide on the VG/PG Ratio of your final product.  70% VG and 30% PG is the standard if you are not sure.  The One-Shot is considered part of the PG and the Nic is considered part of the VG.  In this example, you will need a total of 300ml PG (PG and One-Shot) and 700ml VG (VG and Nic).

Step 2: Add the proper amount of One-Shot into your 1000ml Container.  In this case, Peach Rings is 23% Suggested so you need 230 of Peach Rings Concentrate.

Step3: Add the proper amount of PG.  In this case, total PG is 300ml, since you added 230ml of One-Shot, you need to add 70ml of PG.

Step 4: Add the proper amount of Nic.  To get 3mg/ml in a 1000ml bottle, you will need a total of 3000mg of Nic.  Since our Nic is sold in 50mg/ml you will need 3000/50 or 60ml of Nic.  Add 60ml of nic to your 1000ml bottle.

Step 5: Top off with VG.  In this example, we added 60ml of Nic, we need a total of 700ml so we would add 640ml of VG.  Always leave a gap of air at the top of the bottle, never overfill.

Step 6: Cap your bottle and shake about 100 times.  Remove the cap and place bottle in a dark, cool place for 24 hours to breathe.  After 24 hours, cap the bottle and shake 100 times then return to cabinet.  Repeat the shaking 1x per day for 7 days.  Your e-juice is vapable as soon as it is made and had its first shake.  All e-juices benefit from a 7-day steep and some up to a month (dairy flavors take longer). 

   Cost?  If you purchased 240ml of concentrate, at an average of $15 per 60ml you would need $60 worth of concentrate.  PG at $5 per 250ml bottle would cost you about $1.40. Nic at $14 for a 60ml would cost you $14.  VG is $12 for a 1000ml so you are using about $7.70 worth.  Added up, in this example 1000ml of Peach Rings will cost you about $83.00 plus taxes and shipping. 

   Please note that this is not the way we make our e juice at Record Vapes.  We measure by weight using Specific Gravities for each ingredient.  Our e-juice is made in large quantities in beakers inside machinery that heats the liquid up to 45 degrees Celsius, while being stirred and hit by ultrasonic waves all inside of our cleanroom.  We let our e-juice breathe for 24 hours before capping, then continue to steep in large quantities before bottling at a date specific to that flavor to seal off the oxygen when the e-juice hits it’s peak flavoring.

   If you wish to measure by weight, use an online calculator such a E-Liquid Recipe’s website.  We will be happy to give you the SG for our one Shots.  Here is the example with the proper weights:

   As you can see, the volume of the 4 main components changes when doing by weight.  This leads to a more accurate result.  Regardless of how you wish to mix your own e-juice, there is a certain satisfaction of making your own and saving some money.  DIY E-juice can grow into a hobby, you can explore making your own one-shots with your own ingredients.  Have fun and be safe !


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